Wes Funk, novelist

Book Cover - Dead Rock Stars by Wes Funk

Wes Funk's classic novella comes to life again with breathtaking charcoal images by Saskatoon artist, Kevin Hastings.

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Dead Rock Stars: The Illustrated Edition will be arriving February of 2015
- more images from the book can be seen here - www.kevin-hastings.ca

Reviews of
Dead Rock Stars: The Illustrated Spotlight Edition

"Dead Rock Stars is equal parts family drama and love story. Funny and poignant, Funk artfully keeps you wanting to know what happens next."   - Ian Doescher, New York Times bestselling author of the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series

"The music of the Dead Rock Stars comes alive as Kevin's images and  Wes's words take us on an illuminating journey."
- Carey Rigby-Wilcox, author, artist, literacy spokesperson

"Dead Rock Stars rocks! Funk is pure funk."
- Jeanette Lynes, author of Hard to Be Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poetry

"Through this gripping novella, readers celebrate the victories of Jackson Hill as he discovers who he really is! Jackson's fascination for rock 'n roll runs deep, and is now further enhanced by vivid life-like drawings. The clash of moving words mixed with astonishing images makes this book a must-read!" - Allan Kehler, professional speaker and author of Stepping Out From the Shadows

"Funk is Funny! Not many writers can tackle sensitive subjects with humour but Wes can."- Connie McGrath, children's book author 

"Read it again! You already know you love it!" - Fan