Wes Funk, novelist
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Wes Side Story

About Wes Side Story:

With his usual prairie-boy wit and brutal honesty, Funk casts fiction aside and fi­nally tells his real life story in a brave unflinching memoir. Amidst the fun, there are poignant and painful moments of coming of age, coming out and coming un­done. From his days as an intensely shy farm-boy to his years as a lost soul of a young man and finally to his escapades in the writing, publishing and broadcasting world of Saskatchewan, this autobiography is a true page-turner.

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Praise for Wes Side Story:

"Funk's most compelling book – his resilient personality is really worth writing about. Without self-pity and no special pleading and not an ounce of pretence."

- Dave Carpenter, author of The Literary History of Saskatchewan

“Funk delivers a pop-culture-laden confessional with honesty and humour.”

- Devin Pacholik, Fine Lifestyles Magazine

Wes Side Story is straight from the heart, pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. It’s a journey into the life of a simple yet complex man. Funk is a fascinating char­acter—reading this book is time well-spent!”

- David Poulsen, author of Old Man and Serpents Rising

“True to his funky spirit, Wes has now penned a poignant memoir, filled with his usual wit and grandeur!”

- Marion Mutala, author of the bestselling Baba’s Babushka trilogy

“Funk’s work is real, vivid, heartbreaking and funny.”

- Gary Ryan, author of the Detective Lane Mysteries

“Funk’s new memoir focuses a colourful kaleidoscope lens on growing up gay and fabulous on the Canadian prairies. From dreams of pink superheroes to poignant family drama, Funk holds nothing back and reveals the complex reality of one young man’s journey from shy farm boy to cultural prairie icon.”

- Jefferson Smith, author of Oath Keeper

“Through the lens of his writing’s intrinsic charm, Wes Funk is unafraid to deliver the bluntness of life.”

- Xander Richards, author of COAST: An Act of Burial